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Sometime about 1999 Graeme Feltham who I had worked with in the Nectar in Malaria production for the Nederberg Arts Festival called me up and asked me if I wanted to assess a project that he and Mark O’Donovan were putting together called Odd Enjinears. I ambled into an open mic session at the Old Gaol and was simply blown away by the captivating and sometimes bizarre concepts that unfolded during their brief performance, spontaneously and on the fly. 

Graeme had shaken out a percussive rhythm of complex chords on his piano accordion whilst Mark reviewed in exaggerated accents menu items on a blackboard that happened to be at the side of the stage. Interspersed with this were flurries of trumpet scales accompanied by strange dada’esque body actions and the show meandered in awesome fashion until the whole house was on its feet in a standing ovation that seemed to last for ages. I had never seen anything like it, I was gob smacked as were the 100 or so people that crammed into the tiny space. Later that night we hatched a plan to present an embellished version at … — Read more »

— Odd Enjinears
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