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Dene Theron : 1000 Cups of Tea Dbi Young : 333 Derek Gripper - A Year of Swimming : A Year of Swimming JamMecca : Alive Paulo Costa : Another Life Gito Baloi : Beyond Meri Kenaz : Branches Derek Gripper - Cassette Locale : Cassette Locale: After Masanobu Fukuoka The Lancaster Band : comic strip heroes The Lancaster Band : Comic Strip Heroes re-worked+ Gary Thomas - Mastering Project : Contraption Distoria - Mastering Retro Dizzy : Creatures of the Black Desert Meri Kenaz : Deeper Pierre Opperman : Diary DJ Mzakes : E Knysna Volume 1 The Lancaster Band : Eden Sessions Steve Newman : flavour Guy Buttery : Fox Hill Lane Griekwa Lyfwag Koor : Griekwa Lyfway Koor Eden Minstrels : Happy Days Tristan Waterkeyn : Hay Day Nate Maingard : Home Simba Saini - Mastering Project : Huruyadzo Nibs van der Spuy and Guy Buttery : In The Shade Of The Wild Fig Wendy Oldfield : In The Womb David Kantey : LifeTides Guy Buttery : Live in KwaZulu Brian Finch : Living for Yesterday Shawn Sankey : Lurcher The Sound of Wood : Made By The Forest Meri Kenaz : Meri Kenaz Nibs van der Spuy : Morning Star Dan Patlansky : Move My Soul - Next Music Dan Patlansky : Move My Soul - Peace of Eden General Man : Okudya Zake Derek Gripper - One Night on Earth : One Night On Earth Brian Finch : Out of The Blue Cal Motto-Ros - Out of Town : Out of Town Pierre Opperman : Pierre Opperman Rudolph de Wet : Plat Aarde John Ellis : Protest Songs Welland Cowley : Quarter to Eleven Andrew James and the Steady Tiger : Red in Tooth and Claw Jeremy Crutchley : Release John Ellis : Rural Nagual : Shamanarchy silapha : Silapha Wendy Oldfield : Singalong Kidz Wendy Oldfield : Supernova Sunday Punchers - mastering project : Tales from the South Shore Madzishe : Tangai Mafunga - Mastering Campervan Collective - Mastering Project : The Campervan Collective Brian Finch : The Classic Wendy Oldfield : The Collection Brent Kozak : The Rice Paddy Tour Derek Gripper - The Sound of Water : The Sound of Water Guy Buttery : To Disappear in Place Offshore : too many names Southern Anomaly - Mastering Project : Tumbling Times Sarab Deva : Uplifting Mantras for You Home Grown Music : Vol. ONE Home Grown Music : Vol. TWO Vuvu : Vuvu - Get up and go Dan Patlansky : Wooden Thoughts Red Tape Riot : work in progress Rudolph de Wet : X13 Retro Dizzy : Youth is like a Loaded Gun

These are recording studio tracking mixes by Peace of Eden (South Africa), published mixes by Promaster (Brazil) features additional instrumentation.

I’m an instrument. Life is the song passing by... “Music has surrounded me since childhood. It all started at church when my mom would lay me at her side, so she could play the organ. My father was a clarinettist and a very strict first teacher and I started playing music in my church when I was 8 years old. By the age of 17 I knew that there would be no alternative for me but to live my life with, from and in music. It was then I joined my first band. It was massive a change, from playing sacred classical orchestras to rock and roll stages but I loved it and as time passed, more internal walls fell to the ground as I would fall in love with a huge range of different instruments and music genres. Today it feels like I am an instrument and life is the song passing by” - Paulo Costa


“Música tem estado à minha volta desde a infância. Tudo começou na igreja onde minha mãe me deitava ao seu lado para que ela pudesse tocar o Órgão. … — Read more »

— Another Life
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