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Our gear ranges from high-tech digital to vintage analogue. Recording systems are Steinberg hard disk, Lyric 24 multitrack analogue (2" tape), Sony MCI 8 multitrack analogue (1" tape), Tascam 8 multitrack analogue (1/2" tape), DAT, Roland MV30 and Portastudio. Midi systems and sequencers interface to current editions of Cubase, Protools and Reason amongst others.

We have a collection of acoustic, midi and electric guitars and basses, mandolin and banjos. Our drum kit and percussion inventory includes Yamaha custom, Premier vintage and Roland electronic kits, Abas congas and a comprehensive assortment of Latin, African and Asian percussion.  We have acoustic, electric, digital and virtual pianos. Microphones range from large-capsule types such as Neumann U89 to retro dynamic mics such as AKG 19D. We also have two 48 track automated mixing consoles. Here is a list of the main items.


1 Roland JX10 Synthesizer
1Roland JX10 Programer
1Fender Rhodes 78 Piano
1Acoustic Piano
1Roland Midi Programmer

Drums, Percussion and Woodwind

1Set Yamaha 6 Piece Drum Kit
1Drum Stool
1Zildjian Crash Cymbol
1Zildjian Ride Cymbol
1Set Highhat Cymbols
1Paste Splash Cymbol
1Set Premier Vintage Drum Kit
1Set ABAS Congas
1Talking Drum
1Set Latin Percussion Instruments
3Meracca Shakers
1Large Sand Stick
1Medium Sand Stick
1Bass Recorder
1Alto Recorder
1Saprano Recorder
1Penny Whistle 
1Sigma Mandolin

Recorders & Players

1Lyric 2" 24 Track Analogue Recorder
3Sony MCI 1" 8 track Analogue Recorder
1Tascam 1/2" 8 Track Anologue Recorder
1Marantz Cassette Player
1Samsung CD Player
1DBX 8 Chanel Noise Reduction Processor
1DBX 8 Chanel Noise Reduction Processor
1DBX 8 Chanel Noise Reduction Processor
1Lyric Noise Reduction System
1Lyric 2" 16 Track Head Assembly
1Lyric 2" 24 Track Analogue controler
1Roland Studio M Midi Recorder
1Sony Stereo DAT Recorder
1Red Book Hard Disk Recorder
1Allen & Heath 48 Chanel Recording Consol
1Fostex 12 Chanel Recording Consol
1Lyric Remote Control Interface & Controler 
1Phillip Mini Cassette Playback Controller
1Nad CD Player
119" LCD High Res Monitor
119" LCD High Res Monitor
1Silver River Hard Disk Recorder
1Silver River Hard Disk Recorder
1Behringer 8 Chanel midi Controler
1Behringer 8 Chanel midi Controler
1Behringer 8 Chanel midi Controler


25Microphone Boom Stands
5Ibanez TH500 Microphones
1Senheizer Black Hawk Microphone
1Shure Beta 58 Microphone
5Shure SM 57 Microphone
1Shure Prologue L29 Microphone
1AKG D19 Microphone
1H&H Electret Condenser Microphone
1AKG Stereo D22 Microphone
1Neumann U89 Multi Pattern Condensor Microphone
1Neumann U89 Multi Pattern Condensor Microphone
1 Fender Stratocaster Plus
1 Casio Midi Guitar System
1 Yamaho Acoustic XP 12 Stereo (12 String) Guitar 
1 Yamaha Acoustic 6 String Nylon Guitar 
1 Fender Acoustic 6 String Steel Guitar 


1 Fender Precission Special Bass
1 Fender Jazz Bass 76
1 Fender Special Fretless Bass
1 Hohner Acoustic Bass


1 Roland SL 50 Signal Compressor
2 Roland Graphic Signal Equalizer
1 Behringer Surround Processor
2 Aphex Aural Exciter Mode C
1 ART Guitar Effects Processor SXG 2000
1 Alesis Quadraverb Signal Processor
1 Peavey Noise Gate Processor
1 Korg Analogue Tape Echo Chamber
1 Marshall Tremelo Vibraphone Signal Processor
1 Roland Distortion Signal Generator
1 Roland Chorus Signal  Processor
1 Roland Phaser Signal Processor
1 Roland Octave Signal Processor
1 Vox Wah Signal Processor
1 Roland Bass Wah Processor
1 Behringer Mono Direct Injection Processor
1 Samson Stereo Direct Injection Processor


1 Allen and Heath 48ch automated analogue console
1 Eurodesk 48ch anologue +4dbu console
1 Carlsbro 24ch analogue +4dbu console
1 Fostex 12ch analogue console
1 Fostex Porta Studio Recording Consol

Amplification & Reinforcement

1 Peavey 400 Bass Amplifier Head
1 Fender 15" Bass Speaker System Enclosure
1 Fender 12" x 2 Bass Speaker System Enclosure
1 Fane 15" Bass Speaker
1 Marshall Valvestate Stereo Chorus Amplifier
1 Marshall Solidstate 20 Guitar Amplifier
1 Roland Cube 100 Amplifier
1 Ibanez 15" 60 Bass Amplifier
1 Roland 1500 Stereo Signal Power Amplifier
2 Carver 3000 Stereo Signal Power Amplifier
1 Peavey 100 Stereo Signal Power Amplifier
1 Rotel Integrated Stereo Power Amplifier
1 Set Peavey Stereo Studio Monitors
1 Set Rocket 8 Stereo Monitors
1 Akai Suround System
1 Infinity Speaker System
2 Sub Speaker System Enclosure
2 Cerwin Vega Speaker System Enclosure
2 Cerwyn Vega Mid Frequency Horns
2 Yamaha monitors
1 Head Phone Amplifier


1 30 metre 14 Chanel Signal Cable Assembly
1 10 metre 8 Chanel Signal Cable Assembly
3 8 Chanel DBX Signal distribution Cables 
Guitar Stands
6 Fostex Headphone Sets