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Please familiarize yourself with our booking, payment and copyright policies. Peace of Eden recording studio is a full service studio for music and video production, CD mastering and audio enhancement. Our complete range of services includes recording, editing, mixing, mastering, replication, publishing and distribution of CD’s, DVD’s and various media related products.

Rates for recording and accommodation packaged deals are available, enquire by emailing We accept most major credit cards.



Recording Studio Rates

24 track simultaneous recording and post production:Hourly R600Daily R5000
24 track simultaneous recording, video and post production:Hourly R1000Daily R6000
Recording and analogue post production:  
8 track ½” tapeHourly R900Daily R8000
8 track 1” tapeHourly R900Daily R8000
24 track 2” tapeHourly R950Daily R8500
Recording and Digital post production:  
8 track ½” tapeHourly R600Daily R5000
8 track 1” tapeHourly R800Daily R7000
24 track 2” tapeHourly R850Daily R7500
Recording, digital, analogue post production with video:  
8 track ½” tapeHourly R900Daily R8000
8 track 1” tapeHourly R1000Daily R8500
24 track 2” tapeHourly R1200Daily R10000

Information & prices ar subject to change, items not quoted here are excluding.  Terms and conditions apply.


Booking and Payment Policy

All clients, without exception, are required to pay a deposit for studio time, equipment hire and technical services provided: A 50% deposit of the estimated charges is required 30 days in advance of the scheduled recording, equipment hire or technical services. If a deposit is not received your booking is unsecured and any other booking made where a deposit is paid will receive preference. The balance of your fee must be paid before your session begins, or the equipment hire and technical services are provided. All session bookings and hire transactions have a minimum charge of R2000 and in the case of video sync (ADR) projects the minimum charge is R3000.

Cancellation Policy

Peace of Eden Recording Studio operates by reserving time to recording artists and musicians or as the case may be; providing equipment and technical services. If it becomes necessary to cancel a session or hire, and if notice is given at least 14 days prior to the scheduled session or hire, the deposit can be used towards rescheduling the session or hire. No shows and cancellations thereafter will result in a loss of the deposit.

For information about our rates and production deals please email

Copyright and Intelectual Property.

Unless specifically agreed to otherwise, and recorded in writing between the parties, the compositions, lyrics and music introduced to the recording processes by the artiste will remain the exclusive intellectual property and copyright of the artiste who licences such copyright to the principal engineer, Howard Butcher, to make such sound recordings. And, unless specifically agreed to otherwise and recorded in writing between the parties all the sound recordings are the intellectual property and copyright of the principal engineer, Howard Butcher, who will in turn provide a license of the mix down and master of such sound recordings to the artiste for publication. The recorded individual separate tracks that congregate to form the mixdown and master are not licensed to the artiste.